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Woorinen Victoria, Australia

AW Steicke & Sons – Sunny Boy Fruits

We grow various types of Stone Fruit on our 150ha property at Woorinen near Swan Hill in Victoria. We installed our first Orchard-Rite Frost Fan back in the late 1990’s and now have a total of 8 Orchard-Rite Fans with the last machines installed in Autumn of 2020.

The decision to purchase the Orchard-Rite Frost Fans came back to the quality of the product, the reliability of the product and the excellent coverage the machines provide throughout our Orchard. The fans give us piece of mind that our Orchard is 100% protected during frost events and during key periods of flowing and fruit set. The Orchard-Rite product is backed up by excellent local service from the team at Swan Hill Kubota.

We have previously used water to also help with frost control, but with the price of water have moved away from this method of control and know totally rely on Orchard-Rite Frost Fans.